Xamarin Forms Shimmer’s using Xamarin.Forms.Skeleton

Skeleton text is a popular strategy that help to load a content properly by rendering a blank placeholder that roughly matches the size of the expected content. This was made popular by Facebook, but is now used on many popular apps and websites. Today we are going to implement shimmer’s inside Xamarin forms APP. Plugin […]

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Create a configurable file for Xamarin forms App

Configuration File Xamarin Forms :   Hi guys , Today we are going to make  configurable file for Xamarin forms app in Development and Production Scenario. Where we really use it ? It’s used in commercial app for code re-usability .   if you are working with large scale application then you might have some Configuration […]

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Customize your Shell Page Xamarin forms

Step 1 : Download MaterialDesign-Webfont-master.ttf  file should be downloaded form here.(https://materialdesignicons.com/). (Watch video to know more : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1csNQtACbVo) Step2 :  Convert that (xxx.ttf)  file fonts  to code : https://github.com/andreinitescu/IconFont2Code Step 3 : Inside IOS Project Info.plist. Edit with xml text editor. Step 4 : Now inside your App.xaml Step 5: App.xaml.cs Step 6 : AppShell.xaml Step […]

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Xamarin Forms Master Detail Page Shell

Beautiful Shell Page Xamarin Forms : For full complete video demo you can check it out here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hESzkKywazs&feature=youtu.be (Important : Please check if you are on latest version of xamarinforms or not. (Xamarin Forms 4.0 +)) 💻 At first we are going to set up our header theme for our shell page. Note : You […]

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Xamarin Forms VLC Video Payer

MediaPlayerElement : It’s a full featured video control for Xamarin.Forms available in LibVLCSharp.Forms (iOS/Android). Task 1 : Plugin Installation : Plugin : LibVLCSharp.Forms,LibVLCSharp (For all android , ios and shared) project Plugin : VideoLAN.LibVLC.Android (Install in Android Project) Plugin : VideoLAN.LibVLC.iOS (Install in IOS Project) Task 2 : Call Renderer on each platform before xam.Forms.Init(this,savedSavedInstantState): […]

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