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Xamarin Forms Upper and Lower Case

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Xamarin Forms native WebTV

Hi Everyone in this blog we will integrate live broad cast tv inside Xamarin forms application. You can watch the video for full configuration ◈ : https://youtu.be/YV8jPEl6eB0 At first we are going to get API Key and API Code from streamvideoproviders. -> www.streamingvideoprovider.com Step 1 : This is the dashboard that you will be provided

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Xamarin Forms Maps Pins Drag and Drop

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Xamarin Forms Progress Ring with Counter

Some time it’s essential for the app to have progress ring that decrements as per progress value decrements. So I tried different ways to handle it but found no solution and came up with this solution finally which works. First thing first if you want to follow detailed video tutorial please check this : https://youtu.be/DjfEBnPb4ns.

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Xamarin Forms OTP Verification and Validation Twilio

OTP verification are very much essential for 2 Factor authentication which adds extra layer of security. So we are going to implement a basic application for the implementation of OTP validation in Xamarin forms application. If you want to go through whole setup process then watch this tutorial : https://youtu.be/gA2KugrGIog So first thing first :

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Xamarin Forms Bottom Slider

Lets implement Sliders inside our Xamarin Forms Application with out using any plugin. Yes, I am correct with out using any plugins. We will be using beautiful C# to implement the sliders animations. Step1 : Plugin required : https://www.nuget.org/packages/Plugin.DeviceOrientation/Note : This plugin is required to identify if the screen is in horizontal or vertical orientation

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Xamarin Forms Update list items with out Refresh

Some time inside our app we have a use case where we want to update the Collection View Items or List items with out Refreshing the List View or Collection View.Check out the video to see complete demo of woking app. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I7TG4WhwD0s&t=33s So, if we click on plus button we want our list items get

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