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Xamarin Forms Basic Calculator App[Tutorial 53]

Hey guys this is a simple implementation of calculator in Xamarin Forms Cross Platform.
In this tutorial we are implementing basic logic not any rocket science in order to make a simple calculator.
In Xaml- we are implementing the use of grid which has been divided into 5 rows and 4 Columns.
Enough is enough show me the code: 😀
Step1: Your MainPage.xaml will look like this

Step2: Your MainPage.xaml.cs will look like this
We are implementing some code behind logic in order to add,sub,mul,div,sqroot,sqr…. etc.I request you to add your own logic and extend your knowledge.
Step3: Your OperatorHelper.cs will contain simple arithmetic logical operations such as add, mul div, sub etc.

Step4: You can change Android MainActivity.cs to get round buttons like this:(Not Recommended to implement).

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