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Xamarin Forms Button Clicked Event [Tutorial 40]

The Button is the most fundamental interactive control in all of Xamarin.Forms. The Button usually displays a short text string indicating a command, but it can also display a bitmap image, or a combination of text and an image. The user presses the Button with a finger or clicks it with a mouse to initiate that command.
In this tutorial we are going to implement xamarin forms button click events for Xaml and c#.
In Xaml we are going to add a clicked events handler for the button and which is going to be handled inside the code behind.
Enough is Enough Show me the code 😀

In Pure Code behind  we will be adding a button to the stack layout so that it is visible inside the UI screen.And we are going to handle the button clicked using button.Clicked += ButtoncbClicked; events that’s all. in Page1.cs 😀
. After a button is clicked we are going to  navigating to next page using await Navigation.PushAsync(new Page2()); command.

Download Working Project From Here : http://xamaringuyshow.com/buttonclickedtut40/

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