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Xamarin Forms CardView As Like GoogleCards[Tutorial 8]

Hey guys in this tutorial i have implemented card views that is still been used by google 2018 in order to display their contents. 😀 So i request you to extend this project inorder to make it bindable one and use in your project.
At first we are going to make a model class as CardDataModel.cs having HeadTitle,HeadLines, HeadLinesDesc,ProfileImage
Step1: Your Card data model will look like this

Now We are making use of frame so that we can add grid inorder to display the contents. Here we are going to add the binding context to each items contents like image, text etc.
Step2: CardViewTemplate.Xaml will look like this

There is no any rocket science involved in this ccode 😀
Step3: CardViewTemplate.Xaml.cs will look like this.. and i have added viewmodelcode inside.so that i can save some space. Now we have to have concept of view model and why is it used. Since in this view model”CardDataViewModel” we are going to add the data so that it is going to be called by our cardviewtemplate.xaml for our frame content.This

Step5: MainPage.Xaml In this code we are going to make a list of CardViewtemplates i.e one frame content will be repeated as many time as our data grows 😀 that’s all Hope you like it. I request you to watch the tutorial for clear understanding.

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