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Xamarin Forms CheckBox [Tutorial 26]

Hey guys in this tutorial we are going to implement Xamarin Forms CheckBox [Tutorial 26].

We will be using XamForm Labs nuget and add it to all the project so we will be adding check box controls from the Xlabs

Source for nuget: https://www.nuget.org/packages/XLabs.Forms/

*******I don’t recommend using this nuget as it’s now not being maintained.**************
I recommend using this git link /:  https://shrinkearn.com/ywur . we can get all kind of controls from here.

In order to complete this tutorial we are going to add this control inside our xaml namespace so that we are going to interact with xlabs controls using this code.(xmlns:controls=”clrnamespace:XLabs.Forms.Controls;assembly=XLabs.Forms”).

Now next step is to call that controls  <controls:CheckBox  and provide some attributes to it such as Orientation, fontsize , text, font name etc.

Basics Usage of Code:

It  organizes our  views in a one-dimensional line  either horizontally or vertically.

Label which is a view  is used for displaying text. It can  have custom fonts , colored text and font families etc.
It is the box with check control i.e we can have an event triggered when an activity is processed.


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