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Xamarin Forms Custom Fonts [Tutorial 35]

Hey guys in this tutorial we are going to implement custom fornts for the given label. I request you to watch the tutorial 35 in order to have a clear view about integrating custom label fonts.
In this tutorial we are going to have CuustomNavigation.xaml page which will be holding the title that will be changed with custom fonts.
Enough is enough show me the code 😀

In the code behind the NavigationPage is going to inherit from the base() .

This is the title that will be changed with custom fonts.(Title=”Custom font Main Page”>)

Now next step is to perform some platform specific implementation where we are going to export the textview font attribute chanenged event with our customized font segoesc.ttf to the shared project.

In Ios same platform specific renderer is exported inorder to change the font text view.
Step5:Ios Renderer

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