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Xamarin Forms Grid View [Tutorial 39]

Grid supports arranging views into rows and columns. Rows and columns can be set to have proportional sizes or absolute sizes. The Grid layout should not be confused with traditional tables and is not intended to present tabular data. Grid does not have the concept of row, column or cell formatting. Unlike HTML tables, Grid is purely intended for laying out content.
In this tutorial we are purely implementing power of grid in order to add images inside the grid.
I am implementing my complex project using grid as they will optimize in every screen resolutions.
Enough is enough show me the code 😀
Here we are adding two grids rows and two columns. Now we  will place all the image stored inside the drawable folder of both android and IOS inside the grids. i.e in the order 0-0, 0-1,1-0,1-1, That’s all 🙂


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