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Xamarin Forms Material Design Mock Challenge2[Tutorial 62]

Hey guys this is Xamarin guy show material design Mock up challenge@2.
One friend of mine came to me and said that it’s impossible to give material effect to xamarin forms project. And Along with that he told me to mock up the image for me in Xaml
I laughed at him and told let’s challenge and with believe i created this sample project.

In this project i will be using Frame and Label, Grid,
The Frame class derives from ContentView and it usually displays a rectangular frame around its child. It has a default padding value of 20, and also we can defines OutlineColor, CornerRadius, and HasShadow properties for frame
ie: It will be set as left from 20 , Top from 20 , right from 20 and bottom from 20.
The Label view is used for displaying text. Labels can have its own custom font families, sizes and text color.
Grid supports arranging views into rows and columns. So that  Rows and columns can be set to have proportional sizes or absolute sizes.  Grid is usually intended for laying out content.I more over use grid for all my complex projects. 🙂

In this project we will be diving our screen into 2 rows and placing one grid row with image and another grid row with frame with the content’s. Please refer the online tutorial to know about more in detail’s.

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