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Xamarin Forms WelcomeScreen Fading (Splash Screen) [Tutorial 9]

Hey guys in this tutorial we are going to add Welcome screen a fading effect. So we will spend some time learning some code that can be handled in order to give a fading effect in xamarin forms.
It  organizes our  views in a one-dimensional line  either horizontally or vertically.

Label which is a view  is used for displaying text. It can  have custom fonts , colored text and font families etc.
At first our Page1.Xaml will not contain any logic behind. Leave at it is as it’s going to be used as the page where our final activity goes. So show up the code 😀

Absolute Layout:
It position it’s childen at it’s absolute position.We are now going to place splashImage inside absolute layout giving it as a auto size property.

Now our code behind Splashpage.cs will contain every logic that will give a fading effect.Giving a image source kept on drawable folder of both android and ios. Then we will use OnAppearing method  to give a fading effect when our page loads it fires this method. Where we will add scale and Time-consuming processes to give fading effect.

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