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XamarinForms SlidingPanel [Tutorial 27]

Hey guys we are going to add XamarinForms SlidingPanel [Tutorial 27] . In this tutorial we are going to slide the page towards up position . We will be using nuget as DKsliding Panel add it to all the project.
Now :

Step1 : Set MainPage As Starting Page:
MainPage = new SliderPanel.MainPage();
Step2: Now we are going to add an absolute layout.AbsoluteLayout positions and sizes child elements proportional to its own size and position or by absolute values. Child views may be positioned and sized using proportional values or static values, and proportional and static values can be mixed.
Now we will be adding the 2 stack inside the absolute layout and 2nd stack layout will hold our image and we will be handling a click event to the 2nd image. So show up the code 😀

Step3: In the code behind we are going to add the tapped event halding works. Where a slide effect is formed using translate ( await body.TranslateTo(0, (initialPosition – currentPosition) * -1, 500, Easing.SinIn);) command. So Show up the code 😀

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