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Month: December 2018

Xamarin Forms picker with entry data uploading it to azure database #18

Through out my tutorial we have been talking about Model View ViewModel : In this tutorial too we will be talking about MVVM approach so the basic idea is to upload the content of the entry to the azure data base. Step1: Inisde App.xaml.cs Step 2: Views Folder : OrderPage.xaml OrderPage.xaml.cs Step 3: ViewModel Folder

Date Picker and Scheduling Events with in a Month # 17

Date Picker and Scheduling Events with in a Month # 17 Our App.xaml.cs : Our MainPage.xaml : Our mainPage.xaml.cs Output : Post Views: 191

Question and Answer API in Asp.net core Web Api[Sampurna] #4

This is a simple api where we are going to display list of answers with respect to the given question : Step1: Models Folder Answer.cs: Question.cs ExamContext.cs Step2: Startup.cs Step-3: Inside Packetmanager console Add-migration initial Update-database Step4: Now it’s time to create api controllers: QuestionController.cs AnswerController.cs Step5: Fill the table with data at first then

Asp.net core Web API join three tables with Guid [Sampurna]#4

Hey guys this articles that i am writing is an unofficial articles. If you are not executing then i am not resposible. You have to wait until i make a perfect tutorial on My Xamarin Guy Show. @XamarinGuyShowOfficial At first we are going to create a simple web api project. We are going to join

Asp.net core Web API join two tables [Sampurna]#3

Create a model folder(Models) Step1: Inside Models folder Create a Department class Department.cs Step2 : Create a Employee.cs class with in folder Step 3: Create a employee context class inside models folder EmployeeContext //This class will be called inside controller i.e employee controller for our post and put method. Step4 : Create another class NewCollector

Asp.net core Perfect learning tutorial [Sampurna] #2

Hey guys in this tutorial we are going to create a simple asp.net core web api migrating to data base. and making some crud operation. Create a new project > Asp.netcorewebApp>WebApplication4(Anyname) >SelectApi> At first check your project is running or not. Create a new Folder Naming it as Models>create a class(TicketClass) tep2: Create a TicketContextClass

Adding Swagger in Asp.net core App [Sampurna #1]

Configure Swagger in ASP.net Core Web Project App using Swashbuckle.AspNetCore Step1: Install package Swashbuckle.AspNetCore Step2: Configure Swagger middleware : Startup.cs : public void ConfigureServices(IServiceCollection services) { services.AddMvc().SetCompatibilityVersion(CompatibilityVersion.Version_2_1); services.AddSwaggerGen(c => { c.SwaggerDoc(“v1.0”, new Info { Title = “My Demo API”, Version = “1.0” }); }); } Inside configure method inside Startup.cs : public void Configure(IApplicationBuilder app,

Xamarin Forms Reading Data From Json to Picker and Entry

MainPage.xaml MainPage.xaml.cs Then Create a data folder and create a json File : and copy the content from the repo that i have mentioned inside the MainPage.xaml.cs. And Don’t forget to make that json File as embedded resources. Post Views: 231

Xamarin Forms Converter for Button and Multi Triggers Easy MVVM Tutorials #14

Our App.xaml.cs ==ViewsFolder== MyTriggerPage.xaml MyTriggerPage.xaml.cs //Create a new Dashboard Content Page as my tutorial and place some image on resources folder of both android and IOS project ==ViewModelFolder== MyTriggerViewModel.cs ==ConverterFolder=== MyMultiTriggerConverter.cs Output : Post Views: 383

Xamrin Forms Search Item on ListView MVVM Easy Approach #15

Your App.xaml.cs will be looking like this : ====ViewsFolder=== MyListPage.xaml MyListPage.xaml.cs =====ViewModelFolder==== MyListViewModel.cs ====ModelFolder==== # If you have some problem check out my video Source Output 😀 Post Views: 419

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