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Asp .net Core for Xamarin Dev Part 1

At first Fire up your your Visual Studio for windows or MAC Machine
In this tutorial we are going to create our simple API
Step 1:
Create ASP.net core WEB API in Mac where as in windows Create Asp.netcore Web Application > API
Name it as (Solution Name : TripTrackerLive Project Name: TripTracker.BackService)
Now let’s Start
Create a New Folder Name it as Model (Inside which create a class called Trip)
Trip.cs (Here we have added some annotation like key , Required we will be talking about that later )


Now our fun part begins we are going to call the controller .
Create a new Controller called as TripsController.cs Selecting Web API Controller . In Windows System with API controller with read / write actions

Before that we are going to Startup.cs inside ConfigureServices Method :
Add this line of code :

Because we want to create Model Repository objects multiple time for multiple callback over http.

Now inside TripsController.cs

Now run the app by calling api/trips For my case {https://localhost:5001/api/trips}
Output is :

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