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Month: December 2018

Asp .net Core for Xamarin Dev Part 1

At first Fire up your your Visual Studio for windows or MAC Machine In this tutorial we are going to create our simple API Step 1: Create ASP.net core WEB API in Mac where as in windows Create Asp.netcore Web Application > API Name it as (Solution Name : TripTrackerLive Project Name: TripTracker.BackService) Now let’s

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Xamarin Forms List Item Selected to new Page MVVM First #12

App.xaml.cs Views(Folder) MyListPage.xaml MyListPage.xaml.cs MyPage1.xaml ViewModel(Folder) Model (Folder) MyListModel.cs Output :  3,797 total views,  1 views today

 3,797 total views,  1 views today

Asp.netcoreMVC with Xamarin Forms [Core #1]

This is my first article regarding xamarin forms with Asp.net core mvc so lets start : File > New > Project > Web >  Asp.net core web application >give it name as (Myxamarintest)>WebapplicationMVC> Step2: Add nuget packages : Ooui Ooui.Forms Ooui.ASPNetCore Xamarin.Forms Step3 : create a new Page as MyPage which will look like this

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