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Clubbing System.IO storage and SQLite Storage to get Time Stamping Upload and Download Feature Xamarin Forms #Tutorial 21

Hey Guy’s i have been asked with so many SQL  and System.IO Question’s in Xamarin forms.

1) How do i store image, video , pdf’s or any stuffs in Both android and IOS.?
2) How do i retrieve back all the items in the form of list.
3) Whether to use Android and IOS Platform storage or SQLite storage.?
4) How do i create a time stamp so that if item is downloaded from server it need not to be downloaded until next update. ?
5) How do i make use of SQlite for storing Files and Stuff’s?

No worries Guy’s we can do everything. I will update this Post until i make a perfect one. Keep Calm and keep supporting.

Model 1 : In module 1 we are going to store strings inside app using SQLite storage
Module 2 : In Module 2 we are going to store files to internal storage using System.IO


Step 1 :
Add nuget package https://www.nuget.org/packages/sqlite-net-pcl/

Step 2 :


Inside IOS project: (SQLiteDependecy.cs)


Step 3 :
Inside Android Project: (SQLiteDependecy.cs)

Step 4 :
Inside Xamarin Forms Project:

Now we are going to create Interface folder : (SqlInterface) and create a interface class as ISQLiteInterface.cs

Step 5:
Inside Models Folder we are going to create a class (MyStorageModel.cs)

Step 6:
Now create a page which will call the connection and store all the items.

Step 7:

Module 2 : Using System.IO Storage inside Xamarin forms
Note use Permission Plugin to give permission to download files inside internal storage for both android and IOS.

Step 1 :

Inside Android Platform specific Project:



Step 2 : 

Inside IOS Platform Specific Project

Step 3 : 

Inside Xamarin Forms Project


Inside MainPage.xaml

Inside MainPage.xaml.cs

Module 3 :
Now it’s time to club both storage 😀

Expected OutPut  For Both Android and IOS:







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