Create a configurable file for Xamarin forms App

Configuration File Xamarin Forms :


Hi guys , Today we are going to make  configurable file for Xamarin forms app in Development and Production Scenario.

Where we really use it ?

It’s used in commercial app for code re-usability .   if you are working with large scale application then you might have some Configuration Settings that needs to be changed back and forth. So i tried to solve that issue by creating two json file and all the changes will be triggered for release and debug mode.
So enjoy the flavor of code : ❤️

Step 1 :

At first and foremost , we are going to create AppSettings.cs file inside Helper/Configuration (Folder)

Inside App.Setting.cs :

Step 2 :

Then we are going to create a ConfigurationManager.cs inside same  folders (Helper/Configuration)

Inside ConfigurationManager.cs

Step 3 :

Now its time to create 2 Json File :

  1. AppSettings_Development_Default.json
  2. AppSettings_Production_Default.json
  1. AppSettings_Development_Default.json :

2. AppSettings_Production_Default.json

Step 4 :

Don’t forget  to make this json file as Embedded resource.

We need to right click on the json file then click on properties then change built action to embedded resource .

Step 5 :

Create a new class ThemeManager.cs

How to call the stored key from the json ?

public class void ServiceCallMethod()

string GetAddress = ConfigurationManager.AppSetting.ServiceUrl;





That’ s all, this is how you create  configurable file in Xamarin forms.


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