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Xamarin Forms Update list items with out Refresh

Some time inside our app we have a use case where we want to update the Collection View Items or List items with out Refreshing the List View or Collection View.
Check out the video to see complete demo of woking app.

So, if we click on plus button we want our list items get updated we really don’t want our list items get scrolled and list get refreshed.



Now let’s create a model class so that our list items gets items content which will be called inside out MainPageViewModel

Then our Final ViewModel will come in Action. Basically we have to understand that we need to clear the List items then load the list items with the data. So that we can protect list items to be auto refreshed . So in my case i have used. NewHumans.Clear();

Finally our Full Source code : http://xamaringuyshow.com/updatelistitemwithoutrefreshtut62/

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