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Xamarin forms Cool Image Circle [Tutorial 21]

Hey guys in this tutorial we are going to implement Cool image circle using plugin.imagecircle
Inorder to add a circle image inside xamarin forms at first we are going to Make our MainPage as start up Page so our
Step1: App.xaml.cs will look like this:

Step2: Now we are going to call the control xmlns:image=”clr-namespace:ImageCircle.Forms.Plugin.Abstractions;assembly=ImageCircle.Forms.Plugin.Abstractions in xaml.

It  organizes our  views in a one-dimensional line  either horizontally or vertically.

Label which is a view  is used for displaying text. It can  have custom fonts , colored text and font families etc.
We then call  <image:CircleImage Source= tag inorder to get the image source from the resources or from the website directly. This tag is defined under the plugin namespace Imagecirce so that we can have round circle image . 🙂

You can download image circle plugin from here :

Download working project from here : http://xamaringuyshow.com/imagecircletut21-2/

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