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Xamarin Forms Label Borders [Tutorial 31]

Label is a view that displays text.
In this tutorial we are going to add label borders. In this tutorial we are making use of xaml only. Where we are going to localize the resources required by the label in order to set the label border. The resources dictionary is like collection of object or attributes inside the big bag where each view can take advantage of its attribute publically as well as privately.
Enough Show me the code 😀
Step1: We Have to Just Define our MainPage.xaml
Where our Resourcedisctionary will contain all the properties defined for content view such as (color for border , background color,  boorder style) etc.

In this project i am using ContentView. Why ?
ContentView is about nesting views so you can do things like adding padding/swap out container areas/what have you.

ContentView and ContentPage are meant to be used as base class for your own views and pages. Use ContentPage when you want a Page, use ContentView when you want a View


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