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Xamarin Forms Local Email Validation [Tutorial 28]

Hey guys in this tutorial we are going to validate the local email that a user enters inside the entry.
We are making use of Entry,label and Button
It is used for single-line text input. It supports multiple keyboard types and  can be used as a password field.
Label which is a view  is used for displaying text. It can  have custom fonts , colored text and font families etc.
 It  displays a  text string or bitmap image or both   indicating a command, When  user presses the Button  with a finger or clicks it with a mouse to initiate that command.
After a Button command is clicked then user can perform various events like navigation, validation, converter etc..
In this tutorial we are going to add button for validation purpose and provide a button click event inside the MainPage.xaml  file
So show up the code inside Xaml 😀

Now we are going to validate the email with the help of this pattern after a button click is fired up. If this pattern is going to be matched with the entered text

ie: www.****.*** then user will be authenticated.


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