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Asp.net core Web API join three tables with Guid [Sampurna]#4

Hey guys this articles that i am writing is an unofficial articles. If you are not executing then i am not resposible. You have to wait until i make a perfect tutorial on My Xamarin Guy Show.

At first we are going to create a simple web api project.

We are going to join three tables with guid’s and create an API.
We will be using Employee,Department&Block classes and Employee class will be our master table class from where we are going to handle department and block.
Step1: Lets create models Folder. Which contain class: Department,Employee,Block,EmployeeContext,MyWish





Inside Startup.cs Class configure your database

Inside package manager console:
Add-migration Initial
Now we are going to create different controllers : BlockController.cs,DepartmentController.cs,EmployeesController.cs inside controller class so you have to create 3 api controller classes:



Last Step is to use magic of postman:
Your localhost : http://localhost:50442/api/employees
That’s all add block and department inside the table:
For Depatment Post:
“departmentName”: “BackEndDeveloper”
For Block Post:
“blockName”: “BlockA”
At last Do crud operation for master employee table adding the guids of of Block and Department for employee.

"employeeName": "Yamlaa",
"departmentId": "e6f8f9de-4b92-4041-a6d9-ce014a94107e",
"blockId": "6904bf88-cbad-41fc-ac7d-befa4593a20c"

Your Put method will looklikethis:

"id": "9c190a26-be4e-4334-80cb-5a4e053b7d55",
"employeeName": "P",
"departmentId": "9910ea09-b2ed-4429-8385-44cd4707f9ac",
"blockId": "767fa211-028d-4081-b72d-d067d332ce32"


Output 😀

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