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Xamarin Forms Tree View Dynamic Using Sync Fusion

Note : SyncFusion is Free for individual developers.

At first we are going to SyncFusion Community for getting community License :
1. Claim your license(https://www.syncfusion.com/products/communitylicense)
2. Sign in with your linked in Account or Xing
3. That’s all get license key from here (Adding Xamarin Forms Platform, Select Any Version and Get License)

4. Now create a new Xamarin Forms Project I will give it Name as TreeViewRtl
5. Add Every Project with this Nuget Package : Syncfusion.Xamarin.SfTreeView
6. Now Inside your MainPage.xaml

Inside Your MainPage.Xaml.cs

7. Create a New ViewModel Folder And Create a new Class Inside it Name it as FileManagerViewModel.cs

8.Inside Model Folder Create a new Class As FileManager.cs

9. Create a New MeraData Folder and Put a new Json File inside it and Name it as (AlbumCheckJson.json)
And Now this is my Json File Format .

Note : Don’t Forget to make this Json File as Embedded resource or else you will not get output.
Note2: You should https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/xamarin/ios/app-fundamentals/ats and disable ATS from the app. For IOS App to display output.
I am using this code to disable ats for IOS inside Info.plist


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