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Asp.net core MVC # Sampurna Full MVC

Hey guys this is not actually a real official post but in this post i will be working on different scenarios that i felt difficult when playing with asp.net core MVC: 1. Adding Cookies : Note: Here Obj is the variable that i got from database. Note: After that we are going to call that

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Asp.net core Web API join three tables with Guid [Sampurna]#4

Hey guys this articles that i am writing is an unofficial articles. If you are not executing then i am not resposible. You have to wait until i make a perfect tutorial on My Xamarin Guy Show. @XamarinGuyShowOfficial At first we are going to create a simple web api project. We are going to join

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Asp.net core Web API join two tables [Sampurna]#3

Create a model folder(Models) Step1: Inside Models folder Create a Department class Department.cs Step2 : Create a Employee.cs class with in folder Step 3: Create a employee context class inside models folder EmployeeContext //This class will be called inside controller i.e employee controller for our post and put method. Step4 : Create another class NewCollector

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Asp.net core Perfect learning tutorial [Sampurna] #2

Hey guys in this tutorial we are going to create a simple asp.net core web api migrating to data base. and making some crud operation. Create a new project > Asp.netcorewebApp>WebApplication4(Anyname) >SelectApi> At first check your project is running or not. Create a new Folder Naming it as Models>create a class(TicketClass) tep2: Create a TicketContextClass

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Asp .net Core for Xamarin Dev Part 1

At first Fire up your your Visual Studio for windows or MAC Machine In this tutorial we are going to create our simple API Step 1: Create ASP.net core WEB API in Mac where as in windows Create Asp.netcore Web Application > API Name it as (Solution Name : TripTrackerLive Project Name: TripTracker.BackService) Now let’s

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Asp.netcoreMVC with Xamarin Forms [Core #1]

This is my first article regarding xamarin forms with Asp.net core mvc so lets start : File > New > Project > Web >  Asp.net core web application >give it name as (Myxamarintest)>WebapplicationMVC> Step2: Add nuget packages : Ooui Ooui.Forms Ooui.ASPNetCore Xamarin.Forms Step3 : create a new Page as MyPage which will look like this

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