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My Works

  • 1. Billr Application [Demo]

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Billr is a AI based Billing App. Which uses powerfull A.I cognitive feature from Microsoft Cognitive Services. Happy Client : United States
  • 2. Pastry Men Application [Short Demo]

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Pastry Men Is a video streaming application to teach people for preparing delicious pastry. Happy Client : Iraq
  • 3.  Pikn –  Private Investigator Knowledge Network [Short Demo]

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PIKN is a private investigator application where they will upgrade their skills based on the Q&A section. They can challenge their opponents too. And here there is a subscription feature too. Happy Client : U.S.A
  • 4.  Asp Telecare –  Hospital App [Short Demo]

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Asp Telecare It is a hospital application developed for making video conference between doctor and patients . It too has a chat feature. The main feature virtual room concept. Happy Client : U.S.A