Create a configurable file for Xamarin forms App

Configuration File Xamarin Forms :   Hi guys , Today we are going to make  configurable file for Xamarin forms app in Development and Production Scenario. Where we really use it ? It’s used in commercial app for code re-usability .   if you are working with large scale application then you might have some Configuration […]

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Customize your Shell Page Xamarin forms

Step 1 : Download MaterialDesign-Webfont-master.ttf  file should be downloaded form here.( (Watch video to know more : Step2 :  Convert that (xxx.ttf)  file fonts  to code : Step 3 : Inside IOS Project Info.plist. Edit with xml text editor. Step 4 : Now inside your App.xaml Step 5: App.xaml.cs Step 6 : AppShell.xaml Step […]

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Xamarin Forms Master Detail Page Shell

Beautiful Shell Page Xamarin Forms : For full complete video demo you can check it out here : (Important : Please check if you are on latest version of xamarinforms or not. (Xamarin Forms 4.0 +)) 💻 At first we are going to set up our header theme for our shell page. Note : You […]

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Xamarin Forms VLC Video Payer

MediaPlayerElement : It’s a full featured video control for Xamarin.Forms available in LibVLCSharp.Forms (iOS/Android). Task 1 : Plugin Installation : Plugin : LibVLCSharp.Forms,LibVLCSharp (For all android , ios and shared) project Plugin : VideoLAN.LibVLC.Android (Install in Android Project) Plugin : VideoLAN.LibVLC.iOS (Install in IOS Project) Task 2 : Call Renderer on each platform before xam.Forms.Init(this,savedSavedInstantState): […]

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