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Xamarin Forms Sending Register Data to Backend Server

//I will be updating this post soon Inside azure portal Create a Resouce “+” sign >Select Mobile> SelectMobileApp> I have written : AppName : MyForm Subscription:Payasyougo Select a new resource group or create a new one Now you have to select free plan for dev/testers for Appservice Plans and Create it Step2: After your service

Custom Embedded Fonts in Xamarin Forms

Embedding  free icons : Step 1 :  Download the .ttf file from here :   https://materialdesignicons.com/ Step 2 : Add the .ttf file inside  shared project [In my case materialdesignicons-webfont.ttf is my .ttf  file] Step 3 : Inside your Shared Project you will have assemblyinfo.cs file. Put this assembly info  : [assembly: ExportFont(“materialdesignicons-webfont.ttf”, Alias = “PermanentMarker”)]

Dotnet MAUI zip and unzip files with AES security and Password

We are using : https://github.com/icsharpcode/SharpZipLib Library for Zipping and Unzipping the Files inside our dotnet maui project. MainPage.xaml MainPage.xaml.cs MainPageViewModel.cs Make sure you have setup Media integration inside your Dotnet maui project for taking camera photo. https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/maui/platform-integration/device-media/picker?tabs=android Post Views: 1,366

Dotnet MAUI Open CV Face Detection

Step 1 : Plugins to add https://github.com/takuya-takeuchi/UltraFaceDotNet Step 2 : Files to be downloaded .bin and .param https://github.com/Linzaer/Ultra-Light-Fast-Generic-Face-Detector-1MB/tree/master/ncnn/data/version-RFB Step 3 : Add this downloaded files to newly created data folder of your project and don’t forget make it as Embedded Resource Step 4 : MainPage.xaml Step 5 : MainPage.xaml.cs Step 6: DetectService.cs Step 7: IDetectService.cs

Dotnet MAUI SMS OTP Generation using TwilioDotnet MAUI

MainPage.xaml.cs MainPage.xaml Post Views: 1,476

Dotnet MAUI Google Maps with custom Pins

Plugin : https://github.com/themronion/Maui.GoogleMaps/tree/maui MainPage.xaml MainPage.xaml.cs AndroidManifest.xml MainApplication.cs MauiProgram.cs Post Views: 2,256

Dotnet MAUI Google Wallet Passes and Server Config

Youtube Link : https://youtu.be/swYvmdlgWS0 Everything is based on server setup. Less code is required for dotnet maui Post Views: 1,093

Apple Passes Asp Net Core Web Api

WeatherForecastController.cs Don’t forget to add plugin : https://github.com/tomasmcguinness/dotnet-passbook Post Views: 1,457


Post Views: 777

Xamarin Forms Upper and Lower Case

Post Views: 1,086

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