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Xamarin Forms Image Zoom[Tutorial 37]

In this tutorial we are going to implement Xamarin Forms Image Zoom[Tutorial 37].
Handling the pinch gesture to perform a zoom operation requires some math to transform the user interface. This section contains a generalized helper class to perform the math, which can be used to interactively zoom any user interface element.
Enough is enough show me the code.
The following code example shows the PinchToZoomContainer class:
When the Image element receives a pinch gesture, the displayed image will be zoomed-in or out. The zoom is performed by the PinchZoomContainer.OnPinchUpdated method, which is shown in the following code example:
Step2:Create a Container.cs

Step3:Homepagexaml It will Contain the image which will be calling <local:PinchToZoomContainer> inorder to perform the pinch to zoom.

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