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Binding Entry and Button Command MVVM #8






2 thoughts on “Binding Entry and Button Command MVVM #8

  • Rami Saleman

    I’m a beginner, I want ask questions: 1- MainPage.xaml and MainPage.xaml.cs, Do stay as it comes and does not add anything to it?

    2- How to store user in the app without connecting by internet or after login success, open the app direct to the Main page without going to the login page every time.

    3- when opening the visual studio in windows, after select cross-platform, choose Blank then (.Net Standard or Shared Project).

    Thank you for help me.

    • samirgc

      We have to be on .net standard for production of app through out our Xamarin Advanced courses tutorials. You can Use Setting Plugin for storing user data. Or else you can use Xamarin essentials plugin and use securestorage to store user data .

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