• Xamarin Forms Project Tutorial

    Making Dynamic Phone Call Native Way Xamarin Forms with Json Respose

    Hey Guys in this tutorial we will be Make a Label clicked Call i.e our about us page inside xamarin forms : You Have to Add Xam.Plugins.Messaging Plugin on Every Project 😀 Your App.xaml.cs will look like this : Create Views Folder and then we are going to create a ContentPage name it as AboutUsPage Step1: AboutUsPage.xaml : Step2: AboutUsPage.xaml.cs We will then Create Model Folder inside which we will place a class AboutUsModel.cs Step3: AboutusModel.cs Step4: We will Create a MetaData Folder and Create a empty json file note we will set json file as Embedded resource : OutPut : 216 total views, no views today

  • Xamarin Forms Project Tutorial

    Xamarin Forms Tree View Dynamic Using Sync Fusion

    Note : SyncFusion is Free for individual developers. At first we are going to SyncFusion Community for getting community License : 1. Claim your license(https://www.syncfusion.com/products/communitylicense) 2. Sign in with your linked in Account or Xing 3. That’s all get license key from here (Adding Xamarin Forms Platform, Select Any Version and Get License) 4. Now create a new Xamarin Forms Project I will give it Name as TreeViewRtl 5. Add Every Project with this Nuget Package : Syncfusion.Xamarin.SfTreeView 6. Now Inside your MainPage.xaml Inside Your MainPage.Xaml.cs 7. Create a New ViewModel Folder And Create a new Class Inside it Name it as FileManagerViewModel.cs 8.Inside Model Folder Create a new Class…

  • Asp.netCore

    Asp.net core MVC # Sampurna Full MVC

    Hey guys this is not actually a real official post but in this post i will be working on different scenarios that i felt difficult when playing with asp.net core MVC: 1. Adding Cookies : Note: Here Obj is the variable that i got from database. Note: After that we are going to call that cookies so that empid is called at any time any place : 2.Privately getting database content : 3.This is how i actually created a login Account Controller and called my database to give the specified screen when a user as well as admin logs in : 4. Upload File to the server this is a…