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Month: September 2018

Xamarin Forms Label Clicked Event [Tutorial 43]

The Label view is used for displaying text, both single and multi-line. Labels can have custom fonts (families, sizes, and options) and colored text. In this tutorial we are going to implementing label which is a clickable one. In C# code behind we are going to implement labelSuggestion.GestureRecognizers in order to give the label clickable

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Xamarin Forms Image Cell [Tutorial 42]

TableView  It  a view for displaying scrollable lists of data or choices where there are rows that don’t share the same template. It doesn’t have concept of itemsource so children should be added manually. ImageCell Image Cell holds th concept of cells, whose objects are used to place images and accompanying text into a table.

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Xamarin Forms Image Clicked Event [Tutorial 41]

In this tutorial we are going to to add Xamarin Forms Image Clicked Event [Tutorial 41]. Some time in our project we require some click events to be handled for images. In this tutorial we are going to make image clicked event inside xaml. In Xaml we are going to add <Image.GestureRecognizers> tags in order

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Xamarin Forms Button Clicked Event [Tutorial 40]

The Button is the most fundamental interactive control in all of Xamarin.Forms. The Button usually displays a short text string indicating a command, but it can also display a bitmap image, or a combination of text and an image. The user presses the Button with a finger or clicks it with a mouse to initiate

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Xamarin Forms Grid View [Tutorial 39]

Grid supports arranging views into rows and columns. Rows and columns can be set to have proportional sizes or absolute sizes. The Grid layout should not be confused with traditional tables and is not intended to present tabular data. Grid does not have the concept of row, column or cell formatting. Unlike HTML tables, Grid

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Xamarin Forms Shadow Effect [Tutorial 38]

Hey guys we are going to implement shadow effects for the given label. At first we are going to add Model Class( ShadowEffect.cs class) where we are going to define Radius,Color,DistanceX,DistanceY attribute for the given label. Step1:ShadowEffect.cs Our HomePage.Xaml Will take the platform specific label effect from local namespace. Step2:HomePage.Xaml LabelShadowEffect Renderer is the platform

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Xamarin Forms Image Zoom[Tutorial 37]

In this tutorial we are going to implement Xamarin Forms Image Zoom[Tutorial 37]. Handling the pinch gesture to perform a zoom operation requires some math to transform the user interface. This section contains a generalized helper class to perform the math, which can be used to interactively zoom any user interface element. Enough is enough

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Xamarin Forms horizontal scrolling of an Image wider than the display [Tutorial 36]

Hey guys in this tutorial we are going to implement pan gesture for the image. The pan gesture is used for detecting dragging and which is helped with the PanGestureRecognizer class. his is accomplished by moving the image within the view. The following code example shows how the PanContainer wraps an Image element in a

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Xamarin Forms Custom Fonts [Tutorial 35]

Hey guys in this tutorial we are going to implement custom fornts for the given label. I request you to watch the tutorial 35 in order to have a clear view about integrating custom label fonts. In this tutorial we are going to have CuustomNavigation.xaml page which will be holding the title that will be

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Xamarin Forms Entry Cell [Tutorial 32]

Table View It is a view for displaying scrollable lists of data  where it has  rows that don’t share the same template.It doesn’t have concept of item source so we need to add children manually. Elements in TableView are organized into sections. At the root of the TableView is the TableRoot, which is parent to

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